Pricing & Insurance

Helicopter Charter Prices

McMahon Helicopter Services operates all turbine-powered (jet) helicopters. Because turbine aircraft conform to higher safety standards and perform better versus piston-powered helicopters, the cost of operation is higher. Our charter prices begin at $1,200. We do not charter our aircraft for less than an hour minimum. Certain higher minimums and additional fees may apply depending on your request. All prices found on this website are subject to change without notice. Each flight request is quoted individually based on your requirements.

While there are plenty of companies out there who boast low prices, we can assure you that you only get what you pay for. Flying with Brand X because it's cheap, doesn't mean they conform to the same safety and inspection standards that McMahon does. McMahon is audited by the FAA and third-party aviation inspection firms to ensure compliance with safety standards above and beyond what is required by law.


Insurance information

McMahon carries between $5,000,000 single-limit liability coverage and $50,000,000 single-limit liability insurance depending on the aircraft, with no passenger sub-limits. Additional insurance beyond our standard coverage can be added for a fee. If your company would like to be added as additionally insured to our policy, please email or fax all entities' information with proper street addresses to our office. Certificates can take up to 3 business days to process, so please have this information available well before your flight date.