Helicopter Safety

Safety begins on the ground - so before any flight as a passenger, or before working near helicopter operations, there are a few important things you should know. By following these basic rules, you wil help to ensure safe flight operations.


Rule #1

NEVER go near the tail of the helicopter. The tail rotor is extremely dangerous, difficult to see, and easy to forget about—especially in a loud noise environment.

Rule #2

Always approach or exit directly to the side or front of the helicopter in view of the pilot. Always walk around the front of the helicopter.

Rule #3

Always crouch when approaching the helicopter, exiting, or working around the main rotor blades. Never carry items such as umbrellas above you when around the helicopter. The main rotor system of a Bell 206 (and many other aircraft) can flex below 5' 11", putting most people within dangerous reach if they do not exercise caution at all times.

Rule #4

Never exit upslope. The rotor disc is lower to the ground on an upslope rise.

Rule #5

Be sure that all personal items such as maps, notebooks, laptop computers, briefcases, etc. are secured before takeoff.

Rule #6

NO SMOKING in or around the helicopter at anytime.

Rule #7

Fasten your seat belt and leave it secured until the pilot has powered down the helicopter or has instructed you to remove it.

Rule #8

Use two hands when opening or closing the window vents.

Rule #9

NEVER drive a vehicle under or near the rotor system.

Rule #10

Stay clear of the helicopter until the rotors have stopped or until instructed by the pilot.

Rule #11

If you don't know, ask us. Better safe than sorry.