Aerial Survey

Real Estate

Real estate aerial tours are the only way to see exactly where development begins and where development ends. Visibility from the ground is extremely limited in densely populated areas. Helicopters enable you and your customers to get the entire picture from the air and help you sell your location. Drive your presentation home by impressing your customers. McMahon Helicopter Services offers three different sizes of aircraft to accommodate your company's aerial tour needs.


McMahon works extensively for the oil, natural gas and electrical energy industries, offering many services, including right-of-way tours, drill site surveys, and power line patrols. Our aircraft are equipped with laptop computer shelves and power supplies that allow you to bring your computer pre-loaded with your company's GIS mapping data. Pilots can follow your designated route right from your computer screen. without extensive coordinate sets, GPS transfers, etc.

GPS Data to HD Video

With new technology from McMahon, it is now possible to overlay GPS coordinates right to the HD video image in real-time. This is tremendously advantageous for companies who require an aerial survey over long stretches of real estate. Let's face it, it's impossible to remember every detail, but with HD video and this new technology, you won't have to remember anything. Just playback the video and know exactly where you are the entire time.

Emergency Response

McMahon offers fast, 24/7 response to help you mobilize your crews and assess the situation. Our largest helicopter can transport groups of up to 9 passengers with equipment at 140 mph. The helicopters allow you to access remote work sites that in some cases take hours to access by ground.