Automotive Freight Delivery

Since 1980, McMahon Helicopter Services has provided automakers and suppliers with unparalleled, door-to-door, premium freight service. We save our largest clients millions of dollars annually in what would ultimately be lost labor and production costs. McMahon is the only helicopter company in North America that specializes in premium freight.


We Fly Door To Door

Unlike jet charters, McMahon bypasses the airports whenever possible. Our helicopters are capable of landing directly at our customer's facilities. This automatically cuts out ground handlers at the airport, the slow ground transportation on both ends, and two additional load and offloads. Skipping the airports saves time, but when factoring in paperwork delays, traffic, and indirect road mileage, helicopters can cut transit times within a 300 mile radius of Detroit by more than 33% versus jet charter.*

*Wind conditions, weather, and pickup location may increase or decrease actual time savings.

Ready When You Need US Most

We know you're in a hurry. That's why we're always ready to go. We pride ourselves on providing you with the fastest delivery times possible. Our pilots are standing by at the hangar during normal business hours, with no "pilot call out" added to your pickup time. We also offer 24/7 after hours service. And with 3 different sizes of aircraft, we can accommodate most premium shipments—including up to 3 standard 48" pallets or skids (up to 4 loose loaded) with a total max weight of 3,000 lbs. All of our helicopters have a range of 400+ miles on a single tank of fuel.

Online Shipment Tracking

Clients can view shipment updates right on our website. If you prefer instant notification via email, you may add your email address to a flight's notification list to receive shipment updates automatically. Our staff has the ability to track our aircraft in near real time and can provide customers with up-to-the-minute Estimated Time to Arrival (ETA) data. For more detailed information on how McMahon airfreight services can benefit your business, please contact us today.

Licensed Hazmat Carrier

McMahon is an FAA licensed Hazardous Materials Carrier. This allows us to ship everything in the automotive supply chain without restriction. Airbags, magnets in speakers and adhesives are among some of the common hazardous materials shipped via premium freight.