Government Contracting

McMahon Helicopter Services is a registered CCR & ORCA government contractor. We work for all levels of government agencies both under contract and for immediate charter needs. Our government services have included passenger and cargo transportation, aerial survey services, and a wide variety of aerial photography and production services.



Our aircraft can be quickly configured to carry passengers, cargo, or camera systems. We own and operate gyro-stabilized camera systems that are specifically designed for helicopter platforms. The systems can be used for commercial productions, surveys and other enviornmental uses. For jobs that require extensive time in the field, we have mobile support vehicles that accomodate the flight crew, and carry necessary equipment and supplies.

FAA Licenses

  • FAR Part 43 - License # BUBR632C - Maintenance, Preventative Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration
  • FAR Part 133 - License # BUBL632C - Rotorcraft External Load Operations
  • FAR Part 135 - License # BUBA632C - Non-Scheduled Air Charter Operations
  • FAR Part 137 - License # BUBG632C - Agricultural Aircraft Operations