Passenger Charter

McMahon Helicopter Services can provide door-to-door transportation for corporate executives, medical and other personnel that require special handling for security, time saving, or other individual needs. Across town or across the Midwest, helicopter transportation is the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Helicopters are able to land at airports, helipads, parking lots, or other private facilities to ensure fast, dependable and secure transportation of your people.


Quiet and Comfortable

All of McMahon's helicopters are equipped with cabin soundproofing. We also equip our aircraft with Bose X and A20 series, premium noise-cancelling headsets. This ensures our passengers a quieter, more comfortable ride, especially during long flights. Headsets allow our passengers to communicate clearly and virtually noise-free with everyone onboard.

Real Estate

Real estate aerial tours are the only way to see exactly where development begins and where development ends. Helicopters enable you and your customers to get the entire picture from the air and help sell your location. Drive your presentation home by impressing your customers. McMahon Helicopter Services offers three different sizes of aircraft to accommodate your company's aerial tour needs.


Aerial Survey & Right-Of-Way Patrols

In addition to the real estate applications, McMahon works extensively for the oil, natural gas and electrical energy industries. Right-of-way tours, drill site surveys, and power line patrols are among the many services we offer. Our aircraft are equipped with laptop computer shelves and power supplies that allow you to bring your computer preloaded with your company's GIS mapping data. Pilots can follow your designated route right from your computer screen. No need for extensive coordinate sets, GPS transfers, etc.

Emergency Response

McMahon offers fast, 24/7 response to help you mobilize your crews and assess the situation. Our largest helicopter can transport groups of up to 9 passengers with equipment at 140 miles per hour. the helicopters allow you to access remote work sites that in some cases take hours to access by ground. McMahon carries and leases a wide variety of camera systems to record aerial tours for future playback. This service gives you the ability to show multiple clients an aerial tour in high-definition video of real-estate, right-of-ways, or job sites.

Aerial Video & Post-Production

Our post-production services include video editing, titling, and file formatting. Choose from digital hd video files or DVDs that can be played back on your TV or computer.


Michigan International Speedway

Michigan International Speedway hosts two NASCAR races annually. McMahon provides direct charter service to the heliport located on the southeast corner of the speedway grounds for race teams, sponsors, officials and fans. Most flights depart from Jackson County Airport (JXN) at Skyway Aviation. If you are interested in scheduling a charter to or from MIS, please contact Jeanne Hunter by calling 1-734-459-5980.