about the company

McMahon provides on-demand and contract helicopter services throughout the United States and southern Ontario, Canada. We provide numerous industries with specialized aerial solutions developed through nearly 40 years of experience. We're proud to consistently operate for many Fortune 500 companies with very different needs. McMahon flies versatile, proven aircraft, capable of handling a diverse range of missions. We keep our aircraft, pilots and equipment flight ready. So when you call, you can be sure we're ready to provide safe, reliable and efficient service. Our staff is comprised only of highly-trained, aviation professionals. Whether you need a helicopter for an hour, or for a 3-year project, we have the equipment and the experience to keep you covered. 

When you charter a helicopter, you’re not just putting your trust in an aircraft. You’re putting your trust in the pilots, maintenance staff, and other key personnel who work behind the scenes to ensure safe travels and reliability. At McMahon, our customers put their trust in our 35+ years of helicopter experience. When you’re ready to hire a helicopter company that will exceed your expectations, look no further than McMahon.
— Nick McMahon, President