April 10, 2017

MCMAHON AND MD HELICOPTERS announce new sale of VIP-configured MD 500E

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MD Factory Authorized Dealer


CANTON, MICHIGAN – We are excited to announce that McMahon is now an MD Factory Authorized Dealer for MD's commercial product line! Learn more about MD helicopters by visiting:

We're Going Green!


Did you know? McMahon's Bell 430 burns 26% less fuel than the  twin-engine Sikorsky S58T, which was previously in the fleet conducting the same types of work. The 430 also achieves a 16% increase in fuel mileage over the S58T. Learn more about our 430 by clicking here. 


Wisconsin Public Television Releases: Wisconsin Winter From the Air


CANTON, MICHIGAN - McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. is proud to have been a part of the production crew for another edition of WPT's: Wisconsin From the Air. In the latest edition just released this week, WPT highlights Wisconsin's "running rivers, frozen fields, icy lighthouses and snow-covered cityscapes", in addition to experiencing the "great life outdoors".

For more information visit: DVDs and Blu-Ray discs are available for purchase online.  

Sikorsky S58T being loaded by crane onto a low-boy trailer for transport.

Sikorsky S58T being loaded by crane onto a low-boy trailer for transport.

McMahon Phases Out The Last Sikorsky S58T From Aircraft Fleet


CANTON, MICHIGAN - McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. has officially phased out the Sikorsky S58T series of helicopters from the company aircraft fleet after 21 years in service. The S58T helicopters completed thousands of successful missions for McMahon and accumulated thousands of flight hours. Some of the missions included cargo and passenger transportation, external load work, feature film productions, television shows and live presentations.

McMahon owned and operated three S58T's in the early 2000's. The first of three S58T's was purchased in 1995 and was recently sold in October to an overseas buyer continuing to operate the helicopter for external load and fire suppression operations. 

McMahon plans to add new helicopters to the current fleet capable of handling multi-mission roles, while adding new capabilities and increasing fuel efficiency as customer demand permits.