• Commercial Rotorcraft-Helicopter

  • Instrument-Helicopter

  • SK58 Type Rating

  • Remote Pilot

  • Repairman



Nick McMahon is a third-generation pilot with over 20 years of experience. Nick grew up in the aviation world and began working for McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. officially in 1997. His late father Brian McMahon founded the company in 1980. Wishing to follow in Brian's career path, Nick spent much of his free time after school and during the summers washing helicopters, cleaning the hangar floors and hoping that an opportunity would arise to ride along on a flight each day. Given the nature of the business, most days that didn't happen.


After graduating high school and finally building enough flight time, Nick earned his private helicopter pilot's license in 1999. In 2000, he earned his commercial license and began working as a line pilot at McMahon Helicopter Services. Slowly moving up the ranks, Nick became Chief Pilot in 2006 and purchased one of McMahon's Bell 206L helicopters to lease back to the business later that year.

In his flying career, Nick specialized primarily in time-critical logistics and aerial imaging applications –logging over 6,000 hours in turbine and twin-turbine helicopters. In 2010, Nick joined Screen Actors Guild (now SAG-AFTRA) for his work on numerous feature films, television productions, commercials and live broadcast events. If you've watched television sometime within the last 20 years, chances are you've seen Nick's aerial work.

In 2012 he became Director of Operations and two years later took over as President in February of 2014 after his father, Brian, unexpectedly passed away at age 63. That same year Nick and his younger brother Nathaniel McMahon purchased and refinanced McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc.

After consolidating operations from 2014 through 2018, Nick is focused on business growth through cutting edge aerial technology for the energy industry, autonomous aircraft and FBO services.