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  • Commercial Rotorcraft-Helicopter

  • Instrument-Helicopter

  • SK58 Type Rating

  • Remote Pilot

  • Repairman



Nick McMahon is a third-generation pilot with over 20-years of aviation experience. In 1997, McMahon desired to pursue a career in the helicopter business and began working for his late father, Brian P. McMahon, the founder of McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. McMahon would became a licensed private helicopter pilot in 1999 and earned his commercial helicopter license in 2000.


After accumulating the required hours of flying experience, McMahon began working as a line pilot for McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc.. He would later become Chief Pilot in 2006, and the Director of Operations in 2012.

Throughout his flying career, McMahon has primarily focused his skills on time-critical logistics operations, aerial imaging, and entertainment work –logging more that 7,000 hours in the air. As a long time member of SAG-AFTRA, McMahon has flown both on-camera and behind the scenes for numerous feature films, television productions, commercials, and live broadcast events. If you've watched television within the last 20 years, chances are you've seen McMahon's aerial work.


Flying for Hollywood production companies gave McMahon a full-access look at how professional filmmakers piece together the many elements of a great story. This free education would help McMahon to write, direct, and produce in-house video presentations for both McMahon Helicopter Services' customers and advertisement pieces that helped to explain the solutions and technology that the company had to offer.   

In early February of 2014, McMahon's father, Brian, unexpectedly passed away at the age of 63. Partnering with his younger brother, Nathaniel McMahon (also a commercial rated pilot), the two purchased and refinanced the assets of McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. The next six years would be spent consolidating the company's operations and changing the aircraft fleet to better meet customers' needs and to adapt to the rapidly changing regional market.

In December of 2020, McMahon purchased his brother's shares to become the sole owner of the business. McMahon frequently flies customer missions and remains focused on new technology that improves both the customers' user experiences and the company's operational efficiency.

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