Helicopter Sales / R44 Series


Experience Direct Transportation

Starting at*
Est. Fuel Burn**
Seating for
Est. Range***


17 gph


300 nm


Optional Equipment

  • Air conditioning 

  • Leather seats 

  • Observation bubble window (each door)

  • Heated pitot tube 

  • Metallized upper sheave 

  • Extra corrosion protection (included with Clippers)

  • Five-point shoulder harness system (front seats) 

  • Red LED forward strobe

  • White LED forward strobe 

  • External power receptacle 

  • Second hourmeter, oil-pressure-activated 

Optional Accessories

  • GPS Fleet Tracking Spidertracks S6 

  • David Clark H10-13H (custom cord) 

  • Bose A20 headset with Bluetooth 

  • 6-pin jack for Bose headset (headset not included) 

  • Aft seat dual USB charge ports 

  • Accessories support bar with power plug and dual USB ports (pilot side)* 

  • Accessories support bar with power plug and dual USB ports (left side)* 

  • Garmin Flightstream 510 card (exchange for standard database card)* 

  • Copilot extended pedals 

  • Leather seat back booster cushion 

  • Velour seat back booster cushion 

  • Fire extinguisher (fly away delivery only) 

  • Bracket for fire extinguisher 

  • Forward ground support 

Optional Instruments

  • Garmin GDU 700L TXI PFD/MFD 

  • Garmin GDU 1060 TXI PFD/MFD

  • Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology Card 

  • Chart View Enablement Cards (G500H and GTN650/750) 

  • Metric PFD Enablement

  • SAS/Autopilot Genesys HeliSAS requires Garmin GDU or Aspen PFD 

  • PFD, Aspen Avionics EFD1000H Pilot (with slaved D.G.) 

  • PFD, Aspen Avionics EFD1000H Pro with HSI (requires GPS) 

  • Garmin GI-106B 

  • Artificial Horizon, LCD, Kelly Mfg RCA2600-3 with Slip Skid

  • Artificial Horizon, LCD, Kelly Mfg RCA2600-3 with Slip Skid, windshield mount 

  • Artificial Horizon, Mid-Continent 4300 with Slip Skid  (mechanical gyro) 

  • Directional Gyro, Mid-Continent 3300 (mechanical gyro) 

  • Turn Coordinator (mechanical gyro)

  • Vertical Compass, PAI-700 (replaces standard compass) 

  • Digital Chronometer, Davtron 800 (replaces standard clock)

  • Millibar Altimeter (replaces standard in-Hg) l

  • Meter Altimeter (replaces standard in-Hg) 

  • IVSI- Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator (replaces standard VSI) 

Standard Equipment

  • Eight-hole instrumental panel

  • Fabric velour seats 

  • Hydraulic power controls

  • RPM throttle governor

  • Throttle correlator

  • Main and auxiliary crashworthy fuel bladder tanks

  • Engine oil filter and quick drain

  • Engine muffler

  • Cabin heater and defogger

  • Carbon monoxide detector

  • Removable dual controls

  • Rotor brake 

  • Intercom switches 

  • Avionics master switch 

  • Tinted windows

  • 3-point shoulder harnesses 

  • Pilot-side adjustable pedals 

  • Door locks

  • Sound damping headliner

  • Underseat storage 

  • Belly hardpoint

  • LED anti-collision and navigation lights

  • Dual HID landing lights 

  • LED panel and map lights

  • Tow cart adapter

  • Ground handling wheels 

  • Rotor blade tie downs 

  • Windshield cover

  • Travel bag 

  • Upper sheave 

Standard Instruments

  • Airspeed indicator – Detail

  • Altimeter – Detail

  • Rotor/engine dual tachometer – Detail

  • Manifold pressure gage – Detail

  • Vertical speed indicator – Detail

  • Magnetic compass – Detail

  • Gage pane (cylinder head temp., oil temp & pressure, fuel quantity, ammeter) – Detail

  • AmmeterDigital OAT gage/voltmeter- Detail

  • Hourmeter – Detail

  • Quartz clock – Detail

Ground Support

  • MT950-2 universal tow cart 

  • MT950-3 universal tow cart rear lift kit (required for Clippers with utility floats, Newscopters, and Police Helicopters) 

  • MT570-1 blade tie-down installation tool 

  • Forward cabin cover including all windows (replaces windshield cover)

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*MSRP for Standard R44 Raven II with standard equipment based on Robinson Helicopter Pricing from January 15, 2021. All prices subject to change without notice. Contact sales for special dealer pricing and incentives. 

**Fuel burn variable with helicopter power settings. Consult manufacturer data and Pilot Operating Handbook.

***Range variable and based on no fuel reserve.


McMahon Helicopter Services is a Factory Authorized Dealer for Robinson Helicopter Company.