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Helicopter Sales / R44 Series


Experience Direct Transportation

Starting at*
Est. Fuel Burn**
Seating for
Est. Range***


17 gph


300 nm


Optional Equipment

  • Air conditioning 

  • Leather seats 

  • Observation bubble window (each door)

  • Heated pitot tube 

  • Metallized upper sheave 

  • Extra corrosion protection (included with Clippers)

  • Five-point shoulder harness system (front seats) 

  • Red LED forward strobe

  • White LED forward strobe 

  • External power receptacle 

  • Second hourmeter, oil-pressure-activated 

Optional Accessories

  • GPS Fleet Tracking Spidertracks S6 

  • David Clark H10-13H (custom cord) 

  • Bose A20 headset with Bluetooth 

  • 6-pin jack for Bose headset (headset not included) 

  • Aft seat dual USB charge ports 

  • Accessories support bar with power plug and dual USB ports (pilot side)* 

  • Accessories support bar with power plug and dual USB ports (left side)* 

  • Garmin Flightstream 510 card (exchange for standard database card)* 

  • Copilot extended pedals 

  • Leather seat back booster cushion 

  • Velour seat back booster cushion 

  • Fire extinguisher (fly away delivery only) 

  • Bracket for fire extinguisher 

  • Forward ground support 

Optional Instruments

  • Garmin GDU 700L TXI PFD/MFD 

  • Garmin GDU 1060 TXI PFD/MFD

  • Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology Card 

  • Chart View Enablement Cards (G500H and GTN650/750) 

  • Metric PFD Enablement

  • SAS/Autopilot Genesys HeliSAS requires Garmin GDU or Aspen PFD 

  • PFD, Aspen Avionics EFD1000H Pilot (with slaved D.G.) 

  • PFD, Aspen Avionics EFD1000H Pro with HSI (requires GPS) 

  • Garmin GI-106B 

  • Artificial Horizon, LCD, Kelly Mfg RCA2600-3 with Slip Skid

  • Artificial Horizon, LCD, Kelly Mfg RCA2600-3 with Slip Skid, windshield mount 

  • Artificial Horizon, Mid-Continent 4300 with Slip Skid  (mechanical gyro) 

  • Directional Gyro, Mid-Continent 3300 (mechanical gyro) 

  • Turn Coordinator (mechanical gyro)

  • Vertical Compass, PAI-700 (replaces standard compass) 

  • Digital Chronometer, Davtron 800 (replaces standard clock)

  • Millibar Altimeter (replaces standard in-Hg) l

  • Meter Altimeter (replaces standard in-Hg) 

  • IVSI- Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicator (replaces standard VSI) 

Standard Equipment

  • Eight-hole instrumental panel

  • Fabric velour seats 

  • Hydraulic power controls

  • RPM throttle governor

  • Throttle correlator

  • Main and auxiliary crashworthy fuel bladder tanks

  • Engine oil filter and quick drain

  • Engine muffler

  • Cabin heater and defogger

  • Carbon monoxide detector

  • Removable dual controls

  • Rotor brake 

  • Intercom switches 

  • Avionics master switch 

  • Tinted windows

  • 3-point shoulder harnesses 

  • Pilot-side adjustable pedals 

  • Door locks

  • Sound damping headliner

  • Underseat storage 

  • Belly hardpoint

  • LED anti-collision and navigation lights

  • Dual HID landing lights 

  • LED panel and map lights

  • Tow cart adapter

  • Ground handling wheels 

  • Rotor blade tie downs 

  • Windshield cover

  • Travel bag 

  • Upper sheave 

Standard Instruments

  • Airspeed indicator – Detail

  • Altimeter – Detail

  • Rotor/engine dual tachometer – Detail

  • Manifold pressure gage – Detail

  • Vertical speed indicator – Detail

  • Magnetic compass – Detail

  • Gage pane (cylinder head temp., oil temp & pressure, fuel quantity, ammeter) – Detail

  • AmmeterDigital OAT gage/voltmeter- Detail

  • Hourmeter – Detail

  • Quartz clock – Detail

Ground Support

  • MT950-2 universal tow cart 

  • MT950-3 universal tow cart rear lift kit (required for Clippers with utility floats, Newscopters, and Police Helicopters) 

  • MT570-1 blade tie-down installation tool 

  • Forward cabin cover including all windows (replaces windshield cover)

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*MSRP for Standard R44 Raven II with standard equipment based on Robinson Helicopter Company pricing. All prices subject to change without notice. Contact sales for special dealer pricing and incentives. 
**Fuel burn variable with helicopter power settings. Consult manufacturer data and Pilot Operating Handbook.
***Range variable and based on no fuel reserve.
McMahon Helicopter Services is a Factory Authorized Dealer for Robinson Helicopter Company.

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