FAA Certifications:

  • Commercial Helicopter

  • CFI Helicopter

  • Airplane SEL

  • A&P Mechanic

  • IA

Factory Training:

  • Bell

  • Airbus

  • Robinson

  • Rolls-royce

  • Lycoming

Russ James

Director of Maintenance

Russ James began his aviation career at a young age while growing up around the helicopter business. His father owned and operated one of the first and few helicopter companies in the state of Michigan during the 1960's. Russ officially began his flying career in 1980 at Detroit Metro Airport, and to date has over 36 years of aviation experience, with over 7,000 hours logged in the air.

As a pilot and an A&P mechanic with Inspection Authorization, Russ has completed factory training (both flight and maintenance courses) in Bell, Airbus and Robinson helicopters. He has also attended factory training at engine manufacturers Rolls-Royce and Lycoming.

Day-to-day, Russ oversees the maintenance department, keeping the McMahon charter fleet and over 20+ regional maintenance customers in the air. When he is not working on aircraft, Russ enjoys flying various charter missions and other technical flying projects.