Safety Around Helicopters

Safety begins on the ground. By following these basic rules, you will help to ensure safe flight operations on while on the ground and while in the air. 


Never walk towards the tail of the helicopter

Most helicopters have tail rotors located in the back of the helicopter. The tail rotor is extremely dangerous. It can be hard to see and easy to forget about. To ensure safety around helicopters, never walk towards the rear of the helicopter. If you must access the other side of the helicopter, always walk in front in view of the pilot. Do not duck under the tail boom to get to the other side.

EXIT to the front or directly to the side of the helicopter

When approaching or exiting most helicopters, always walk in front or directly to the side in view of the pilot. Keeping the first rule in mind, never walk towards the rear of the helicopter.  


Never exit upslope & use caution at all times while under the rotor system

If the helicopter is parked next to a hill, never exit upslope as you may come in contact with the rotor system. It is good practice to also crouch while exiting helicopter if the rotors are turning. Many helicopter rotor systems can droop below 6 feet high, which can potentially contact a person or object on the ground. It is also good practice never to carry anything above your head such as an umbrella while operating under the rotor system. 

Never drive a vehicle under the rotor blades regardless of if the blades are turning or stopped. Even if the rotor blades are stopped, light contact with the rotor blades can result in permanent damage to the helicopter.  

NO SMOKING in or around the helicopter at anytime. 


Be sure that all personal items such as maps, notebooks, laptop computers, briefcases, etc., are secured before takeoff.

Fasten your seatbelt and leave it secured until the pilot has powered down the helicopter or has instructed you to  remove it.

Always remember, if you don't know, Ask Us. Better safe than sorry.


McMahon maintains FAA/DOT anti-drug and alcohol programs audited and in compliance with FAA standards. Additionally, McMahon has developed customer required worker safety compliance programs. For more information or to obtain copies of our complete anti-drug and compliance programs, please call or email us.


Depending on the specific aircraft utilized, McMahon carries up to $50,000,000.00 smooth, single-limit liability coverage. Our coverage is backed by leading aviation insurance underwriter Global Aerospace.  

Licenses & FAA Authorizations

FAR Part 91 - General Operating & Flight Rules

FAR Part 107 - Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Commercial "Drone" Operations

FAR Part 133 - License # BUBL632C - Rotorcraft External Load Operations

FAR Part 135 - License # BUBA632C - Non-Scheduled Air Charter Operations

FAR Part 137 - License # BUBG632C - Agricultural Aircraft Operations

FAR Part 145 - License # BUBR632C - Repair Station

HAZMAT - Approved for carriage of Hazardous Materials

Motion Picture & Television Operations - Authorization for Aerial Film Production Operations

Banner Towing Operations - Authorization # B1BJGL23