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All of our helicopters are currently based in Canton, Michigan USA. Canton is located in Southeast Michigan between Detroit and Ann Arbor. McMahon regularly flies for customers within a 500 mile radius of the Detroit area (and well beyond that distance for multi-day and long-term projects).

While we can (and do) provide services throughout the US, generally beyond 500 miles is reserved for multi-day or long-term contract work. If you are scheduling one-time, on-demand helicopter charter service, you will be paying for the round trip mobilization of the helicopter plus the flight time used for your trip. The farther away from our home base, the more costly the flight will be. This is standard for any helicopter or fixed-wing charter service as our aircraft are not on scheduled routes.  


Our Heliport:


If you're traveling to/from the Detroit area, you can conveniently fly direct to our heliport located in Canton, Michigan.  

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