Windsor to Detroit Service Terms & Conditions

You are purchasing One-Way helicopter charter service for up to 4 passengers from Windsor, Ontario Airport (CYQG) to Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW). Service is provided and operated by McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. ("McMahon"). McMahon is a FAA and Transport Canada licensed air carrier.


All landing fees, customs fees, charter rates and taxes are included in our pricing.


Passengers will depart and arrive from a private Fixed Base Operator (FBO) ramp located on the airport. FBO location information will be sent in your confirmation email. Passengers are required to make their own ground transportation arrangements prior to or upon arrival at DTW. A passenger information form will be sent to your email address after booking your charter. This information is required prior to your flight in order to process the Electronic Passenger Information for both U.S. and Canada Customs. Please read ALL information below prior to booking.


Flight time is approximately 15 minutes.

Baggage is limited to one carry-on size bag per person and a purse or backpack unless you have booked a private charter for 1-2 people, in which case larger luggage may be carried. Dogs may be carried on privately booked charters as long as documentation of the pet's vaccinations (compliant with international travel) are carried onboard the aircraft with the owner. Pets are not allowed on standby reservations. 

Certain restrictions and regulations apply:


  1. ALL passengers must have documentation of a negative COVID-19 test with 72-hours or less of the flight date and time. The rapid COVID-19 test if fine for travel, as are more comprehensive tests. Documentation is required in order to board the aircraft and must be presented to U.S. Customs upon landing in the United States.

  2. ALL passengers must be carrying a valid passport. Enhanced driver's licenses, birth certificates, or other fast pass identification is NOT accepted on International flights.

  3. Baggage capacity onboard the helicopter is extremely limited. Passengers are limited to one small carry-on bag per person and purse, unless the flight is carrying 2 or less passengers.

  4. This is a one-way flight from CYQG to DTW only. Round trip service is not available.

  5. Passengers are responsible to for making their own ground transportation arrangements prior to, or upon landing at DTW.

  6. Passengers must read, understand and abide by all current regulatory requirements and restrictions.

  7. Weapons and hazardous materials are prohibited from being carried onboard the helicopter. 


Cancellation Policy:


  1. Customer Cancellation: Customers may cancel their charter up to 24-hours prior to the flight date and time without incurring charges. If the Customer cancels within 24-hours of the flight date and time, the full charter rate is non-refundable and will be credited towards the Customer's account for use of charter services scheduled with McMahon Helicopter Services, Inc. ("McMahon") within 1-year of the originally scheduled flight date.

  2. McMahon may cancel the charter flight for at anytime for any reason including weather. In the even McMahon cancels the flight, Customer will receive a full refund of the charter rate.

  3. In the event a passenger is unprepared for the flight and cannot produce a valid passport, a required negative COVID-19 testing document, is incoherent, or is acting erratic, the flight will be cancelled and the full-rate of the charter flight will be non-refundable and not credited as costs have already been incurred.

  4. McMahon is NOT responsible for any damages, fees, or expenses incurred by the customer as a result of delays with the service or as a result of cancellation. McMahon can only be held responsible for the total charges of the charter flight.

All terms, conditions, pricing, and regulatory requirements subject to change without notice.